Vol 5, Supplement 2 (December 04, 2016): Translational Andrology and Urology


AB274. SPR-01 Mechanosensitive release of adenosine 5'-triphosphate and other purines from the bladder urothelium
Violeta N. Mutafova-Yambolieva, Leonie Durnin
AB275. SPR-02 Influence of mucosal remodeling on urothelial functions
Lori Birder
AB276. SPR-03 In vitro evaluation of hydrostatic pressure on ATP release and Caspase-1 activation in rat urothelial cells
Cody L. Dunton, F. Monty Hughes, J. Todd Purves, Jiro Nagatomi
AB277. SPR-04 Myosalpinx contractions are essential for egg/embryo transport in the oviduct
Sean M. Ward
AB278. SPR-05 Purinergic regulation of nitric oxide mediated vasodilation in rat internal pudendal arteries
Michael R. Odom, Johanna L. Hannan
AB279. SPR-06 Fibrosis in the bladder in response to outlet obstruction is triggered through the NLRP3 inflammasome and the production of IL-1β
Francis M. Hughes Jr, Vihasa Govada, Stephanie Sexton, Todd Purves
AB281. SPR-08 Altered S-nitrosation of contractile proteins underlies dysfunctional quiescence in human preterm labor
Iain L. O. Buxton, Craig Ulrich, Scott D. Barnett, Heather R. Burkin
AB282. SPR-09 A method to quantify of bladder wall biomechanics using ultrasound imaging in conjunction with urodynamics
Anna S. Nagle, Adam P. Klausner, Jary Varghese, Rachel Bernardo, Andrew F. Colhoun, Paul H. Ratz, R. Wayne Barbee, Laura R. Carucci, John E. Speich
AB283. SPR-10 Down-regulation of ryanodine receptor gene expression in murine urinary bladder smooth muscle following partial bladder outlet obstruction
Ettickan Boopathi, Elham Javed, Shankar Addya, Paolo Fortina, Stephen Zderic, Alan Wein, Samuel Chacko
AB284. SPR-11 What’s wrong with underactive bladder patients?
Phillip P. Smith, Gerard Pregenzer, Andrew Boylen, Jason Frankel, George Kuchel
AB285. SPR-12 Evidence supporting a pivotal role for intramuscular interstitial cells of Cajal in the generation of pacemaker activity, phasic contractions and tone in the internal anal sphincter
Kathleen D. Keef, Sean M. Ward, Caroline A. Cobine
AB286. SPR-13 Sex differences and participation of Toll-like receptor 4 to rat bladder contractile function
Theodora Szasz, Beth Burgess, R. Clinton Webb
AB287. SPR-14 High fat diet leads to impaired mitochondrial respiration, increased hydrogen peroxide emission and greater nerve-mediated purinergic contraction in mouse bladder
Shelby A. Powers, Terence E. Ryan, Joseph M. McClung, Johanna L. Hannan
AB288. SPR-15 Motor unit number estimation of the external anal sphincter in rats
C. Zhang, Y. Peng, Alvaro Munoz, Timothy Boone, Yingchun Zhang
AB289. SPR-16 A preliminary evaluation of vaginal alignment following a transvaginal procedure using MatriStem™ pelvic floor matrix in the rhesus macaque
Deanna C. Easley, William R. Barone, Pamela A. Moalli, Steven D. Abramowitch
AB290. SPR-17 Prosthesis insertion into segmented biomechanics simulation models
Lennox Hoyte, Curtis Lisle
AB291. SPR-18 Correlation of sacral nerve lead targeting and urological efficacy: motor mapping, electrode position, and stimulation amplitude
Lance Zirpel, Xin Su, Janine Wotton, Nicki Reinking, Adam Steiner, Dwight E. Nelson, Thaddeus S. Brink
AB292. SPR-19 Metabolomics provides novel insights into the effect of diabetes on bladder detrusor and urothelial metabolism
Yi Wang, Gary G. Deng, Kelvin P. Davies
AB293. SPR-20 Temporal changes of detrusor muscle function in a high fat diet and low dose streptozotocin diabetic model: the compensated and decompensated states
Nicole Klee, Robert S. Moreland
AB294. SPR-21 Sex differences in bladder dysfunction in response to enteric neuronal NFκB overactivation and experimentally induced colitis in mice
Alan S. Braverman, Yonggang Zhang, Wenhui Hu, Michael R. Ruggieri
AB295. SPR-22 Functional relevance of purinergic P2X4R in bladder smooth muscle
Vivian Cristofaro, Josephine A. Carew, Sean D. Carey, Raj K. Goyal, Maryrose P. Sullivan
AB296. SPR-23 Aberrant bladder reflexes can drive hind limb locomotor activity following complete suprasacral spinal cord injury
Brian M. Inouye, Jillene M. Brooks, Danielle J. Degoski, Francis M. Hughes Jr, J. Todd Purves, Matthew O. Fraser
AB297. SPR-24 Spinal cord injury and detrusor PDGFRα+ cells
Haeyeong Lee, Byoung H. Koh, Robert D. Corrigan, Lauren E. Peri, Kenton M. Sanders, Sang Don Koh
AB298. SPR-25 NLRP3/IL-1β mediates denervation during bladder outlet obstruction in rats
Robin Lutolf, Francis M. Hughes Jr, J. Todd Purves
AB299. SPR-26 Micturition and defecation behavior following pelvic decentralization in a canine model
Michael R. Ruggieri Sr, Ekta Tiwari, Alan S. Braverman, Mary F. Barbe
AB300. SPR-27 Sonic hedgehog promotes sprouting of neurons in the pelvic ganglia and cavernous nerve during regeneration
Ryan Dobbs, Shawn Choe, Daniel A. Harrington, Samuel I. Stupp, Kevin T. McVary, Carol A. Podlasek
AB301. SPR-28 Determining integrity of the nerve-smooth muscle functional unit of the bladder after long-term decentralization
Danielle M. Salvadeo, Mary F. Barbe, Nagat Frara, Ekta Tiwari, Alan S. Braverman, Michael R. Ruggieri Sr
AB302. SPR-29 Sphingosine-1-phosphate in vitro and in vivo modulates corpus cavernosum smooth muscle tone
Xinhua Zhang, Jing Yin, Nirmala D. Kanika, Yuehong Tong, Guillermo Villegas, Arnold Melman, Michael E. DiSanto
AB303. SPR-30 Neurotrophin dysregulation after dual injury childbirth model is corrected via electrical stimulation of the pudendal nerve in a rat model
Brian M. Balog, Dan Li Lin, Brett Hanzlicek, Margot S. Damaser
AB304. SPR-31 Controlled release of IGF1 enhances urethral sphincter function and histological structure in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence in a rodent model
Liren Zhong, Hao Yan, Yaodong Jiang, Jian Yang, Emmanuel Opara, Margot S. Damaser, Yuanyuan Zhang
AB305. SPR-32 Aging effects on the central motor control of the external anal sphincter in women
Yun Peng, Jinbao He, Rose Khavari, Timothy B. Boone, Yingchun Zhang
AB306. SPR-33 Systemic treatment of stress urinary incontinence with human urine-derived stem cells
Christine Tran, Abhi Tangada, Hualin Yi, Brian Balog, Yuanyuan Zhang, Margot S. Damaser
AB307. SPR-34 Optimization of sonic hedgehog delivery from self-assembled nanofiber hydrogels
Shawn Choe, Daniel A. Harrington, Samuel I. Stupp, Kevin T. McVary, Carol A. Podlasek
AB308. SPR-35 Sympathetic reinnervation of the urinary bladder using somatic donor nerves in a canine model of lower motoneuron lesioned bladder
Mary F. Barbe, Sandra Gomez-Amaya, Jennifer K. Lewis, Stephen R. Dachert, Matthew W. Wood, Alan S. Braverman, Michael R. Ruggieri Sr
AB309. SPR-36 Loss of nitric oxide-mediated inhibition of purine neurotransmitter release in the colon in the absence of interstitial cells of Cajal
Leonie Durnin, Andrea Lees, Sheerien Manzoor, Kent C. Sasse, Kenton M. Sanders, Violeta N. Mutafova-Yambolieva
AB310. SPR-37 Cholinergic excitatory motor responses in the colon are mediated through the calcium-activated chloride conductance Ano1
Sung Jin Hwang, Peter J. Blair, Jason Rock, David Pardo, Kenton M. Sanders, Sean M. Ward
AB311. SPR-38 Clarification of the innervation of genitourinary structures: a neuronal tracing study in female mongrel hound dogs
Mary F. Barbe, Sandra M. Gomez-Amaya, Neil S. Lamarre, Danielle M. Salvadeo, Michael Mazzei, Alan S. Braverman, Michael R. Ruggieri Sr
AB312. SPR-39 The use of support vector machine in the prediction of stress urinary incontinence
Brian M. Balog, Haitao Zhao
AB313. SPR-40 Spontaneous Ca2+ waves in mouse urethral smooth muscle visualized with a genetically encoded Ca2+ indicator in situ
Bernard T. Drumm, Sean M. Ward, Kenton M. Sanders
AB314. SPR-41 Localization of neuromuscular nicotinic receptors in the functionally reinnervated canine bladder after prolonged decentralization
Nagat Frara, Alan S. Braverman, Danielle M. Salvadeo, Ekta Tiwari, Mary F. Barbe, Michael R. Ruggieri Sr
AB315. SPR-42 Cyclophosphamide-induced overactive bladder via downregulation of relaxation factors in detrusor PDGFRα+ cells
Haeyeong Lee, Byoung H. Koh, Robert D. Corrigan, Lauren E. Peri, Kenton M. Sanders, Toby C. Chai, Sang Don Koh
AB316. SPR-43 Comparison of bladder volumes between 2D and 3D ultrasound calculations and urodynamic measurements in women with overactive bladder (OAB)
Rachel J. Bernardo, Anna S. Nagle, Adam P. Klausner, John E. Speich
AB317. SPR-44 Pharmacological activation of individual KCNQ channel subtypes in detrusor smooth muscle represents a promising novel approach for overactive bladder treatment
Aaron Provence, Damiano Angoli, Georgi V. Petkov
AB318. SPR-45 Decentralization reduces nicotinic receptor-mediated canine bladder contractions in vitro
Danielle M. Salvadeo, Nagat Frara, Alan S. Braverman, Mary F. Barbe, Michael R. Ruggieri Sr
AB319. SPR-46 In vivo hypogastric nerve electrical stimulation contracts the canine detrusor
Ekta Tiwari, Danielle M. Salvadeo, Luke V. Musser, Matthew W. Wood, Alan S. Braverman, Mary F. Barbe, Michael R. Ruggieri Sr
AB320. SPR-47 Monitoring nerve activity during bladder filling in a rat model
Ekta Tiwari, Michel A. Lemay, Alan S. Braverman, Iyad Obeid, Mary F. Barbe, Michael R. Ruggieri Sr
AB321. SPR-48 The effects of myrbetriq on detrusor overactivity associated with suprasacral spinal cord injury (SCI) in rats
Jillene M. Brooks, Danielle J. Degoski, Matthew O. Fraser


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