Vol 8, Supplement 4 (September 24, 2019): Translational Andrology and Urology (Minimally Invasive Treatments for Kidney Stones)

Original Article

Ureteroscopy in patients with spinal cord injury: outcomes from a spinal injury unit and a review of literature
Sarah Prattley, Rachel Oliver, Francesca New, Melissa Davies, James Brewin
Characteristics of current digital single-use flexible ureteroscopes versus their reusable counterparts: an in-vitro comparative analysis
Laurian B. Dragos, Bhaskar K. Somani, Etienne X. Keller, Vincent M. J. De Coninck, Maria Rodriguez-Monsalve Herrero, Guido M. Kamphuis, Ewa Bres-Niewada, Emre T. Sener, Steeve Doizi, Oliver J. Wiseman, Olivier Traxer

Review Article

Pictorial review of tips and tricks for ureteroscopy and stone treatment: an essential guide for urologists from PETRA research consortium
Bhaskar K. Somani, Achilles Ploumidis, Athanasios Pappas, Steeve Doizi, Omikunle Babawale, Laurian Dragos, Emre Sener, Michele Talso, Tzevat Tefik, Peter Kronenberg, Esteban Emiliani, Luca Villa, Guido Kamphuis, Silvia Proietti, Olivier Traxer
Supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy: tips and tricks
Silvia Proietti, Moises Elias Rodríguez-Socarrás, Brian Eisner, Vincent De Coninck, Mario Sofer, Giuseppe Saitta, Maria Rodriguez-Monsalve, Carlo D’Orta, Piera Bellinzoni, Franco Gaboardi, Guido Giusti
Optimisation of shock wave lithotripsy: a systematic review of technical aspects to improve outcomes
Su-Min Lee, Neil Collin, Helen Wiseman, Joe Philip
The laser of the future: reality and expectations about the new thulium fiber laser—a systematic review
Peter Kronenberg, Olivier Traxer
Reusable flexible ureterorenoscopes are more cost-effective than single-use scopes: results of a systematic review from PETRA Uro-group
Michele Talso, Ioannis K. Goumas, Guido M. Kamphuis, Laurian Dragos, Tzevat Tefik, Olivier Traxer, Bhaskar K. Somani
Handling and protecting your flexible ureteroscope: how to maximise scope usage
Khaled Hosny, Jennifer Clark, Shalom J. Srirangam
Latest advancements in ureteral stent technology
Antonio De Grazia, Bhaskar K. Somani, Federico Soria, Dario Carugo, Ali Mosayyebi
Safety and efficacy of ureteroscopy and stone fragmentation for pediatric renal stones: a systematic review
Adele Whatley, Patrick Jones, Omar Aboumarzouk, Bhaskar K. Somani
Method of alkalization and monitoring of urinary pH for prevention of recurrent uric acid urolithiasis: a systematic review
Guido Maarten Kamphuis, Jons Wouter van Hattum, Prim de Bie, Bhaskar K. Somani
The role of robotic surgery in the management of renal tract calculi
Thiru Suntharasivam, Ankur Mukherjee, Angus Luk, Omar Aboumarzouk, Bhaskar Somani, Bhavan Prasad Rai


The supplement “Minimally Invasive Treatments for Kidney Stones” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Andrology and Urology without any sponsorship or funding. Bhaskar Somani served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the supplement.