Controversies and Considerations of Penile Surgery

Posted On 2021-06-29 17:23:01

This special edition is meant to capture some of the subtleties we missed out on isolated from our peers. We have assembled a world class group of authors to discuss issues and techniques that often are important but are difficult to quantify in traditional scientific literature. There is no specific data that prolonged catheterization following penile implant surgery is suboptimal, but we know it to be so. What does the sex life of a patient after anterior urethroplasty, penectomy or with concealed penis entail? How should we manage gunshot wounds to the genitals or address sclerosing lipogranuloma? What are the tips and tricks for residual curvature, pain management, or length optimization for penile implants? Should we embrace shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED) and use male slings for incontinence? We hope you find the answers to these and many other questions surrounding penile surgery from this special edition.

Preface: controversies & considerations of penile surgery
Francisco E. Martins, Tobias S. Köhler

Review Article
The concealed morbidity of buried penis: a narrative review of our progress in understanding adult-acquired buried penis as a surgical condition
Christopher J. Staniorski, Paul J. Rusilko

Sexual function in the penile cancer survivor: a narrative review
Florian A. Stroie, Matthew D. Houlihan, Tobias S. Kohler

Sexual function after anterior urethroplasty: a systematic review
Paola Calleja Hermosa, Felix Campos-Juanatey, Raquel Varea Malo, Miguel Ángel Correas Gómez, Jose Luis Gutiérrez Baños, Trauma and Reconstructive Urology Working Party of the European Association of Urology Young Academic Urologists

A systematic review of decision aids for gender affirming therapy
Peter Scalia, Katherine M. Tighe, Glyn Elwyn, Pamela J. Bagley, Heather B. Blunt, Benjamin Boh, Oakland C. Walters, Rachel A. Moses

Total phallic construction techniques in transgender men: an updated narrative review
Marco Falcone, Mirko Preto, Gideon Blecher, Massimiliano Timpano, Paolo Gontero

Gunshot wounds to the penis and scrotum: a narrative review of management in civilian and military settings
Charlotte Goldman, Nathan Shaw, Danelo du Plessis, Jeremy B. Myers, Andre van der Merwe, Krishnan Venkatesan

Narrative review of penile distal urethroplasties and suggestions for optimizing outcomes
Matthias D. Hofer, Lauren Folgosa Cooley, Francisco E. Martins

Low-intensity shock wave therapy for the treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction: a narrative review of technical considerations and treatment outcomes
Pedro Simoes de Oliveira, Matthew J. Ziegelmann

Narrative review of penile prosthetic implant technology and surgical results, including transgender patients
Michael Polchert, Brian Dick, Omer Raheem

Enhanced recovery strategies after penile implantation: a narrative review
Jeffrey L. Ellis, Architha Sudhakar, Jay Simhan

Penile shortening complaints in males with erectile dysfunction: a narrative review on penile lengthening procedures during penile prosthesis surgery
Mahmoud I. Khalil, Bruno Machado, Alexandre Miranda, Ehab Eltahawy

A comprehensive narrative review of residual curvature correction during penile prosthesis implantation in patients with severe erectile dysfunction and concomitant Peyronie’s disease
Ioannis Sokolakis, Nikolaos Pyrgidis, Ioannis Mykoniatis, Fotios Dimitriadis, Georgios Hatzichristodoulou

Narrative review of male urethral sling for post-prostatectomy stress incontinence: sling type, patient selection, and clinical applications
Raevti Bole, Kevin J. Hebert, Harrison C. Gottlich, Elizabeth Bearrick, Tobias S. Kohler, Boyd R. Viers

A narrative review of the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia in patients undergoing penile prosthesis surgery
Lexiaochuan Wen, Tobias S. Köhler, Sevann Helo

Sclerosing lipogranuloma of the penis: a narrative review of complications and treatment
Boyke Soebhali, João Felicio, Pedro Oliveira, Francisco E. Martins

The series “Controversies and Considerations of Penile Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Andrology and Urology without any sponsorship or funding. Tobias S. Köhler and Francisco E. Martins are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.