Vol 12, No 5 (May 31, 2023): Translational Andrology and Urology

Original Article

Morphofunctional characteristics of proliferation and apoptosis of germinal epithelium: pathogenesis of temporary azoospermia after local electron irradiation
Grigory Demyashkin
Is cortisol an endogenous mediator of erectile dysfunction in the adult male?
Harrina E. Rahardjo, Armin J. Becker, Viktoria Märker, Markus A. Kuczyk, Stefan Ückert
Comparison of satisfaction with penile prosthesis implantation in patients with prostate cancer radiation therapy versus radical prostatectomy
Justin P. Mehr, Kyle A. Blum, Travis Green, Skyler Howell, Stephen Palasi, Andrew T. Sullivan, Benjamin Kim, Christopher Kannady, Run Wang
Multi-institutional feasibility and safety outcomes of retroperitoneal robot-assisted partial nephrectomy in morbidly obese patients
Thomas Edward Stout, Ian Mitchell McElree, Aaron Christopher Smith, Goran Rac, Hiten Patel, Gopal Gupta, Paul Thomas Gellhaus
Penile length and circumference: are they related to nose size?
Sungwoo Hong, Wonseok Choi, Kang Woo Lee, Young Take Lee, Taekmin Kwon
Comparison of early and delayed strategy for renal replacement therapy initiation for severe acute kidney injury with heart failure: a retrospective comparative cohort study
Shaohan Guo, Yuhong Chen, Yan Huo, Congcong Zhao, Kun Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Mingzhe Liu, Zhenjie Hu
Effect of target-controlled pressure-controlled ventilation on percutaneous nephrolithotripsy patients under general anesthesia: a retrospective study
Yong Tao, Guowei Ma, Tingting Sun, Yue Hu, Na Wang, Yong Ye, Zeyu Zhao
Short-term and long-term outcomes of intracorporeal “V-O manner” ureter-ileal anastomosis in robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical cystectomy with urinary diversion: a retrospective cohort study
Shuang Huang, Hongkai Yu, Guangfu Chen, Shengkun Sun
Effects of clean intermittent catheterization and transurethral indwelling catheterization on the management of urinary retention after gynecological surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Jingxi Wang, Mei Feng, Ting Liao, Hongyu Li, Tao Yang, Wen Feng, Jia Liao, Shuang Luo
Significance of the FGFR3 mutation in Chinese patients with bladder cancer
Lanxiang Hao, Jiang Fang, Ran Xu, Shuo Liu, Guangcheng Luo, Xinjun Wang

Case Report

Successful treatment of ejaculation pain with silodosin in patient with Zinner syndrome: a case report
Masato Uetani, Fumito Yamabe, Shunsuke Hori, Hiroshi Aoki, Kei Sakurabayashi, Mizuho Okawa, Hideyuki Kobayashi, Koichi Nakajima, Koichi Nagao, Yozo Mitsui

Editorial on Surgical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Men1

Special series on the surgical management of stress urinary incontinence in men
Paul H. Chung, Lindsay A. Hampson

Original Article on Surgical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Men1

A global, propensity-score matched analysis of patients receiving artificial urinary sphincters and the risk of complications, infections, and re-interventions
Zachary J. Prebay, David Ebbott, Halle Foss, Michael Li, Paul H. Chung
The relationship between frailty, incontinence severity, and treatment decisions for men with post-prostatectomy stress urinary incontinence: a mixed methods analysis
Charles P. Jones, Nathan M. Shaw, Jorge Mena, Benjamin N. Breyer, Louise C. Walter, Caitlin Baussan, Kathryn Quanstrom, I. Elaine Allen, Daniel Dohan, Lindsay A. Hampson
Patient decision-making for surgical treatment of post-prostatectomy stress urinary incontinence: a mixed-methods exploratory pilot study
Nathan M. Shaw, Farnoosh Nik-Ahd, Charles Jones, Benjamin N. Breyer, Louise C. Walter, Rebecca Sudore, Matthew R. Cooperberg, Caitlin Baussan, Kathryn Quanstrom, I. Elaine Allen, Lindsay A. Hampson
Long-term assessment of the safety and effectivity of the mini-jupette sling: 5-year follow-up of the original series
Muhammed A. M. Hammad, David W. Barham, Daniar Osmonov, Georgios Hatzichristodoulou, Koenraad van Renterghem, Robert Andrianne, Sung Hun Park, Tobias S. Kohler, Wayne J. G. Hellstrom, Lawrence Jenkins, Faysal A. Yafi
Characterizing the biofilm of artificial urinary sphincters (AUS)
Joon Yau Leong, Jacob Ancira, Jessica Bulafka, Patrick J. Shenot, Akhil K. Das, Paul H. Chung

Review Article on Surgical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Men1

A narrative review on surgical treatment options for male stress urinary incontinence
Zachary J. Prebay, Halle E. Foss, Kerith R. Wang, Paul H. Chung
A narrative review: evaluation and surgical management of persistent and recurrent urinary incontinence after previous surgical treatment
James Kovacic, Ankur Dhar, Andrew Shepherd, Amanda Chung
Management of male stress urinary incontinence in high-risk patients: a narrative review
Jeffery S. Lin, Alexander J. Skokan, Hunter Wessells, Judith C. Hagedorn
Changes and debates in male stress urinary incontinence surgery practice patterns: a contemporary review
Tej J. Desai, Alexander T. Rozanski
A narrative review of the role of the Male Stress Incontinence Grading Scale in the surgical management of male stress urinary incontinence
Brian T. Langford, Blake E. Johnson, Allen Morey
Urinary symptoms after genital gender-affirming penile construction, urethral lengthening and vaginectomy
Michele Fascelli, Kamran P. Sajadi, Daniel D. Dugi, Geolani W. Dy

Case Series on Surgical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Men1

Delayed management of artificial urinary sphincter cuff erosion: a case series
Luke A. Shumaker, Tyler R. Compher, John P. Selph

Editorial Commentary on Surgical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Men1

Are androgens important in the setting of stress urinary incontinence?
Gina T. Baaklini, Matthias D. Hofer


1. The series “Surgical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Men” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Andrology and Urology without any funding or sponsorship. Paul H. Chung and K Lindsay Hampson served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.